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Proa expands, showcasing diverse new team

Leading Energy Intelligence company, Proa, has recently welcomed three highly skilled new members to the team

23 January 2024

Proa expands, showcasing diverse new team

The appointments reflect the company’s growth to meet the demand for innovative management and monitoring solutions which optimise the technical and financial performance of solar and wind assets.


Proa Managing Director Victor Depoorter says the new team members bring diverse education, skills, experience and perspectives to Proa and ultimately, their clients.


New Design and Production Engineer, Jess Bozhinova is an Aerospace engineering graduate from RMIT with eight years’ experience in the mechanical design and manufacturing industry. Throughout her studies, Jess focused on renewable energy and its benefits to the aerospace industry and will work on developing creative solutions through 3D design and manufacturing.


Julian Vue joins Proa as a Senior Software Engineer – the first to work for Proa. He’s responsible for overseeing software development, bringing extensive experience and expertise in IoT, particularly in the devices and integration space.


With a Masters Degree in biomedical engineering from Dublin City University, Proa’s new Project Engineer, Emma Madigan ensures deadlines are met and maintains clear lines of communication with clients, suppliers and across the company.


Victor says the new recruits represent a significant milestone for Proa.


“Achieving a diversity of thought and perspective within our team is critical,” says Victor. “With the addition of Jess, Julian and Emma, we’re exceptionally well placed to meet the challenges of this next period of growth and beyond. I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together.”

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