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Proa etimology


Proa is a word derived from the Latin propra, and this, from the ancient Greek πρῷρα or πρῴρα(prōra).

The word "proa" is currently used only in the Spanish and Portuguese vocabularies, and it means - "bow" - the forward part of the hull of a ship or boat.

Glass Glass Solar Panel

About us

We're a rapid growing company that provides weather monitoring, forecasting services and energy systems modelling to renewable energy companies around Australia. At Proa, we contribute to the sustainable energy transition by helping improve the technical and financial performance of renewable assets. That's good for our customers and great for the planet.


As a leader in energy intelligence innovation, we were the first self-forecasting provider approved by the Australian Energy Market Operator in the National Energy Market. Our business offering has now expanded to weather monitoring, transferring some of the unique features from our skycam systems to weather stations, such as the MetProtect.

Our range of monitoring and forecasting services and products is helping us improve the technical and financial performance of renewable assets and contributes to the sustainable energy transition.

Our Values


Proa - Passion led us here

Towards a sustainable future

Proa’s products and solutions were developed by our talented team of scientists, engineers and IT specialists skilled in the areas of data science, machine learning, programming, electrical and mechanical engineering.


With two patents currently pending, we continually invest in research and development to stay one step ahead of the dynamic renewable energies and electric markets.


While we’re focused on the latest technology to deliver our innovative solutions, we also value the strength of the relationships developed with our clients and partners. 

Featured Projects

Proa has worked across all Australian states and some overseas projects, having made part of the most relevant and biggest power plants summing more than 5 GW of track-record in solar, wind and storage.

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