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NEM Self-Forecasting

Maximise your Self-Forecasting Performance

Minimise your losses

Self-forecasting in the National Electricity Market (NEM) helps you manage the dispatch target for semi-scheduled generators to maximise the financial performance of solar and wind farms in the NEM.


Self-forecasting allows you to reduce the ‘causer-pay factor’ and generate substantial savings for your project. Causer-pay FCAS is the mechanism used by AEMO to recover the costs of Regulation FCAS Services in the NEM (as described under the Regulation FCAS Contribution Factors Procedure). This cost can add up to $1,500 - $3,000 per MW per year for semi-scheduled solar and wind farms.

In parts of the network with frequent binding constraints from AEMO, semi-scheduled generators without a good self-forecasting solution can also experience dispatch losses of up to $ 1,500 per MW per year. 

Our advanced algorithms produce optimal forecasts combining the data from skycams, pyranometers, satellite imagery and SCADA systems.

We aim to offer a high-quality service for your project. Here’s how.

  • There’s active and continuous monitoring of all components of the system.

  • We maintain a direct relationship with asset managers/owners over the lifetime of the service.

  • Receive accurate and reliable data from skycams and pyranometers with our integrated automatic self-cleaning system (The MetProtect)

  • Monthly reporting provides full transparency to the client.

  • Our Intuitive dashboard offers real-time monitoring of your asset portfolio.


It’s why Proa is the market leader in self-forecasting with a more than 40% share of solar farms in the NEM.

Sky Cameras

Skycams, crucial and compulsory parts of Proa's outperforming Self-Forecasting service, are continuously monitoring clouds motion, being a reliable source of data to precisely determine the size, height and shadow projection impacts on solar generation. All our skycam systems are supplied with the MetProtect and access to an intuitive dashboard.

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