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Proa Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting behind-the-meter solar generation and

electricity load for towns and regions.

What is the Demand Forecasting?

Demand Forecasting for a township or region involves combining behind-the-meter rooftop solar forecasts with gross demand forecasts to provide net demand forecasts that may be used to inform control decisions by the utility generators.

How does Demand Forecasting work?
  • Demand Forecasting involves integrating several different data streams:

    • Rooftop Solar Forecasts, which rely on:

      • Numerical Weather Predictions

      • Satellite Images

      • Skycam Images (for increased accuracy)

      • Live Rooftop Generation data (for increased accuracy)

    • Gross Demand Forecasts, which rely on:

      • Historic Net Demand estimates

      • Historic estimates of behind-the-meter solar

  • The Solar Forecast is generated using a physical model of cloud motion across the location, simulating reduced irradiance, and thus reduced generation.

  • The Gross Demand Forecast is generated using a Machine Learning approach, based on elements of human behaviour, climate, and time.

  • The Net Demand Forecast is then produced by subtracting the Solar Forecast from the Gross forecast.

Demand Forecasting Dashboard
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