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The MicroMet

The compact weather station with scientific grade sensors 

Monitor performance warranties for newly installed, medium size and large commercial scale PV systems (300kW - 2MW).


The MicroMet is a compact weather station that collects critical data to monitor compliance of commercial scale systems. Offering environmental and hazardous weather monitoring, The Micromet’s data can be integrated into your Building Energy Management Systems to control flexible or deferrable loads.

With The Micromet’s class A pyranometer and multivariate sensor, you can measure:

  • horizontal irradiance

  • temperature

  • relative humidity

  • atmospheric pressure

  • wind speed

  • wind direction

  • rainfall

It’s quick and easy to deploy, has been pre-assembled and tested in the Proa factory and its robust design is well suited for rooftop and ground-mounted installations. There’s also seamless access to the measured data from Proa’s dashboard and a Modbus interface.

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