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The MetCube

Reliable high quality weather data for utility scale solar farms

It’s the independent and fully autonomous weather station that’s designed for utility scale solar farms.

With weather data as a critical input to assessing the financial viability of new projects and monitoring performance for constructed solar farms, The MetCube significantly reduces risk and overhead costs.  


It’s a reliable high-quality weather station that’s easy to deploy, commission, decommission or relocate. The MetCube operates autonomously with wireless communication and simplified SCADA integration. Automated sensor cleaning also reduces operating and maintenance costs.


The MetCube can also be deployed to any location, unlocking the potential for weather stations to be used on unstaffed greenfield prospecting or other smaller sites

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​Here are some features: 

  • MetCube is a compact design – it’s all contained within the cube.

  • The modular design can accommodate different sensors, brands and models.

  • Deployment onsite takes just 1-2 hours.

  • It’s self-powered by solar and batteries.

  • Communication and integration with the solar farm SCADA are wireless and uses industry standard protocols.

  • Sensors are automatically cleaned daily using demineralised and pressurised water.

  • There’s active detection and deterrence of birds before any contact is made with the sensors to avoid soiling and interference with measurements.

  • In case of maintenance needed, remote data logging and monitoring will send an alarm.

  • The quality and completeness of gathered datasets is continuously monitored.

  • MetCube complies with IEC61724-1:2021 standard for Photovoltaic system performance.

The MetCube has currently two patents pending.

Image by Karsten Würth

Add-On  Modules

There’s a full range of modules that can be added to Proa’s weather stations to fulfil the needs for all type of applications, both for site prospection and sites under operation. Some of the add-on modules include unique features, result of Proa's investment in R&D, internally developed and currently with patents pending.

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