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Solar Power Station

Servicing & Retrofitting

Proa offers comprehensive services for the servicing and retrofitting of weather stations at solar and wind farms. Our expertise ensures accurate data collection and operational efficiency through the following tailored solutions:

  • Initial Assessment:

    • Conduct thorough evaluations of existing weather stations.

    • Identify and prioritize issues and deficiencies requiring attention.

  • Upgrading Sensors:

    • Replace outdated or malfunctioning sensors with state-of-the-art models.

    • Enhance measurement capabilities for wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and precipitation.

  • Calibration:

    • Implement precise calibration procedures to maintain data accuracy.

    • Ensure reliability even in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Data Transmission:

    • Upgrade data transmission systems for seamless real-time data transfer.

    • Improve communication protocols and install robust transmitters as needed.

  • Power Supply:

    • Evaluate and upgrade power supply systems, including solar panels and batteries.

    • Ensure continuous operation and reliability of weather stations.

  • Remote Monitoring:

    • Integrate remote monitoring capabilities for immediate response to weather changes, or sensor malfunction.

  • Compliance and Standards:

    • Ensure all upgrades adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

    • Maintain compliance with data accuracy and environmental monitoring standards.

  • Maintenance Plan:

    • Develop customized maintenance plans tailored to specific site needs.

    • Include regular inspections, sensor checks, and preventive maintenance to maximize equipment lifespan and reliability.

At Proa, we are committed to enhancing the performance and longevity of weather stations at solar and wind farms, supporting our clients in achieving optimal operational efficiency and informed decision-making based on reliable weather data.
Trust Proa for expert solutions in weather station servicing and retrofitting.

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